Posted by: Maya Gutierrez, Senior Director, Leadership New York and Alumni Training

The POP Agenda (Purpose, Outcomes, Process) was created by Leslie Sholl Jaffe and Randy Alford. This tool can assist you to:

  • Help others and get yourself clear on the purpose and outcomes of any intended action
  • Help instill in individuals, teams and organizations an ongoing disciplineof focusing on results rather than activity
  • Create more real results with less effort.

For a five-year strategy plan or five-minute phone call, write out your POP:

  • Purpose – Why is this important? Critical for gaining buy-in.
  • Outcomes – What do we most need to accomplish? Critical for aligning expectations and focusing attention.
  • Process – How will we accomplish the outcomes? Critical in preparing people to engage and participate appropriately, enabling a quicker and more focused accomplishment of the outcomes.


Generate a POP Agenda for one of your meetings this week, either privately or to share with the other attendees. What did you notice was different about planning for the meeting or the meeting itself?

Any success or failure stories you could share in the comments box will contribute to our learning community. Good luck!