imageExercise: In working to solve problems in your communities, have you ever wished that you had access to a catalog of ideas that other communities had tried to address the same issues?

Earlier this year, LNY26 alum Kevin Hansen and a few other New Yorkers launched PolicyAtlas, a non-partisan project to map and crowdsource a user-contributed encyclopedia of public policy solutions (“the Atlas”). Ultimately, PolicyAtlas seeks to improve the information available to all levels of public policymakers, thereby leading to the adoption and design of superior public policies and better lives for all who are governed.

PolicyAtlas also provides a framework for you to learn about wikis and practice the process of coming up with a public policy to serve a specific policy goal. In submitting an article, you will research a specific type of public policy and then summarize its potential benefits, tradeoffs, adoption history, stakeholders, and underlying scholarly research.


Like Wikipedia, PolicyAtlas is being developed in partnerships with volunteers, including public service professionals as well as professors and graduate students of public policy. You can practice your own skills and help participate in the growth of PolicyAtlas by:

  1. Signing up as a “policy mapper”
  2. Adopting a policy(or proposing your own); and finally
  3. Contributing a policyto share your knowledge