Exercise: Kevin Walker, alum of LNY8, has launched a website called Turtlewise, an online social advice site where users can help each other with life’s more meaningful decisions. It is designed to provide a confidential, credible, rewarding and fun environment for users to enjoy “better lives” through better decisions.

In order to streamline their initial focus, Kevin and the team has developed 6 clusters of excellence (COEs) where they believe the most meaningful exchanges will occur.  These areas were chosen based on the current expertise within their own personal and professional networks.  The COEs are; Military, Career Management, Family and Lifestyle, Entrepreneurship, Politics and Higher Education.  Many of you have expertise and interests in multiple COEs and therefore would be great additions to our community of users.

Sign up to be a “Guru” or an “Explorer,” and share your experience with the listserv.  As part of the Coro community, you have a unique perspective and inquiry framework that would be a gift to bring to this network.

Any thoughts or reflections you could share via the listserv will be held in confidentiality, and will contribute to our learning community.

Good luck!