We are thrilled to announce that Accenture has made a generous $100,000 gift to Coro New York to sustain the Fellows Program in Public Affairs for the next 5 years. “We thank Accenture for their investment in the Fellowship and for the future leaders of our city who will directly benefit from their generosity,” says Scott Millstein, Coro New York Executive Director.

We spoke to David Moskovitz, Coro Fellows alumnus, Board Member, and Chief Executive, Accenture Federal Services, and Lynn McMahon, Managing Director and New York Metro area lead, about Accenture’s partnership with Coro.

How did your Coro training impact you?  

[DAVID] I’m a proud Coro Fellow alum—it was a life-changing experience.  It gave me skills and insights that I use every day.  Looking back, what really stuck with me is the importance of active listening and language—confirming someone’s intent and not just what they say.  The power of asking good questions is critical to understanding intent and the personal journey of others.  I also found the analytic framework valuable to test “how do I know what I know–what is the source and how reliable is it?”  It’s hard work building consensus among of group of individuals with divergent views, experiences and beliefs—but you get to a better, stronger place because of it.


Why has Accenture decided to sponsor the Coro Fellows program? 

[DAVID] We believe that tackling today’s challenges requires diversity of thought and diversity of talent.  The best teams are diverse teams.  By bringing together people of different perspectives and backgrounds across public and private sectors to innovate and collaborate, you create solutions that work for everyone and make lasting change.  That’s at the heart of what we really value about Coro– the skills they teach, the network they build, how they inspire people to lead change.  And it’s why we’re thrilled to expand our commitment to Coro and champion the next generation of leaders.


How does Coro’s mission/Fellowship align with Accenture’s goals?

[LYNN] We have all had the experience of working in a fractured, ambiguous environment.  Coro’s approach is more relevant today than ever before.  We all need better tools to talk with each other and solve challenges.  The Coro approach creates a shared sense of purpose that moves the ball forward for the participants, their organizations, and the wider community. Accenture shares Coro’s commitment to making a difference for people and communities.  Like Coro, we are inspired by doing work that matters and improving the way the world works and lives.  Succeeding in that takes innovation, leading-edge skills, collaboration, and a relentless focus on outcomes.  We’re proud to join Coro in its mission to champion change that will make a difference in New York, across the country, and around the world.