There is no doubt that the recent election has been a disruptive event for the Coro community.  Given the fact that so many of our alumni work in communities that have been targeted by Trump campaign rhetoric, there is a lot of anger and fear right now.  For others who might not have such direct connections, there is concern about our President-elect’s policies and tone.  Finally, for those in our community that are pleased about the election results, they might be wondering if they will still be accepted for their views.  Last week we invited the community to an open evening of dialogue and 120 alumni turned out.  Feedback from attendees was that that the space was both needed and appreciated.  That may have been the right response the day after the election but like many of you, we are now asking ourselves about what to do now.

Since our founding nearly 35 years ago, a core Coro value has been non-partisanship.  As you know, we strive to create a learning community where multiple perspectives (including political ones) are not just accepted but appreciated.  The skill to listen, learn from, and work across differences is one of our central beliefs of effective leadership.  We intend to stay true to our values but just as importantly we want to stay true to our commitment to our community.  Our world will change as a result of the new administration and as an organization that is committed to supporting our alumni and their vision for a better New York, Coro may have to change as well.  We don’t have all the answers but we as a staff are thinking hard about these questions.

There is only way to go now, and that is forward.  We welcome your ideas and feedback about Coro’s role as we move forward together in this new political reality.

One bright spot from last week is that there will be more Coro alumni in elected office!  Congratulations to Marisol Alcantara (NAL/ICLP 2004), the new State Senator from Northern Manhattan and Carmen De La Rosa (LNY27) who won her Assembly race representing Washington Heights, Inwood and Marble Hill.  Michael Bennet (Fellows 1988) also won his re-election for U.S. Senate in Colorado.  To see all the Coro alumni who serve in elected office across the country, Click here.


Scott Millstein

Executive Director, Coro New York