In response to a surge of interest by alumni to expand their civic engagement footprint, we are excited to announce a new initiative: Civic Changemakers.


Many in our community are actively involved in creating civic change at the local level – founding charter schools, improving commercial districts and participating on their community boards – just to name a few. Some in our community are looking for ways to connect to projects like our alumni are doing, and learn how to become involved in local government.
Civic Changemakers will help!
As part of our goal to build the skills, knowledge and network of each individual that comes to Coro so that s/he is prepared to resolve the leadership challenges facing our City, the purpose of Civic Changemakers is to provide a “zócalo,” or town square for the Coro community to gather and share your visions for change, civic engagement opportunities and to initiate inquiry-focused conversations to shape, focus and strengthen your vision for New York City that will enact our mission of creating an “equitable, just and engaged society.”


Civic Network Matchmaking
Using open source software (Google Sheets and Google Groups), you are welcome to post and explore civic engagement opportunities that Coro members are currently involved in:

Civic Training

Next month we will begin an experiment of hosting monthly nonpartisan trainings on ways to get more involved with local government and political action, and also time for civic network matchmaking in person.  All meetings are are located at Coro’s office at 42 Broadway. Have an idea for a training topic? Let us know!

  • April 10th 9am – 10:30am  – Joining and participating on Community Boards
  • May 15th 9am – 10:30am – Running for Local Office
  • June 5 Time TBD – Civic Changemaker Networking

Get started here and RSVP for the first meetup on April 10th.