Coro is seeking an Executive Director. Applications, including cover letters and resumes, and nominations should be sent to the attention of Paul Spivey at


Are you a fierce champion for effective reform to make New York City a better place? 

Are you a builder? A builder of networks incorporating diverse perspectives? A builder of the Coro brand with the entrepreneurial spirit to grow the organization? A builder for a stronger, more equitable, New York City? 

Are you inspired to train and bring together future innovative and dedicated leaders from the public, private and non-profit sectors to engage in civic discourse to drive meaningful and impactful change for New York City? 

Are you creative and resourceful to do what it takes to run a small, lean organization while possessing the gravitas and finesse to command respect and operate effectively on New York City’s big stage? 


  • LEADERSHIP – Lead with an inspiring strategic vision while attending to day-to-day operations, services, and activities. Support a committed staff with a shared vision and sense of purpose, working closely with them to foster cohesiveness. Create ongoing opportunities for learning, growth, and creativity for staff, set benchmarks holding them accountable. Serve on the National Coro Board with fellow Coro Executive Directors and collaborate with them. Serve as a thought leader in the field of leadership development and training, staying abreast of new developments and ahead of the curve. 
  • FUNDRAISING AND EARNED INCOME GENERATION/MARKETING – Cultivate, broaden, and secure a diverse funding base from foundations, corporations, and government with an expanding focus on individual donors. Build a strong culture of philanthropy within the organization in which Board, staff, and alumni serve as ambassadors and engage in relationship building. Grow and develop earned income revenue streams.
  • PROGRAM DEVELOPMENT AND EVALUATION – Ensure that all six programs and Coro Partners produce the practical tools consumers need to enhance their effectiveness as leaders. Work with program staff to build organizational collaboration into team infrastructure. Conduct and oversee environment scans of leadership training field to determine where and in what sectors new opportunities for business development exist. Refine and update program curricula and tools to meet evolving client needs. 
  • BOARD OF DIRECTORS – Establish a strong working partnership with the Board of Directors, bringing forth their best ideas and efforts in support of Coro, and continue to strengthen the Board through the recruitment of new members, as needed. Partner with the Board on vision, strategy, and fundraising. 
  • COMMUNICATION – Oversee communication of Coro’s vision for effective civic engagement promoting justice and equity. Serve as a passionate and persuasive advocate, spreading the message, philosophy, and methodology of Coro’s transformative work. Enhance Coro’s social media profile and use the newest forms of technology to promote Coro. Increase Coro’s visibility and important influence in the city. Galvanize Coro’s alumni and participant community to strengthen the outreach, effectiveness, and organizational reputation. 
  • GENERAL MANAGEMENT, ADMINISTRATION, FINANCE, AND PLANNING – Oversee Coro’s administrative and management systems, internal policies, and procedures. Ensure fiscal sustainability and health through accurate accounting, budgeting, record keeping, and financial reporting. Work closely with finance professionals and the Board Treasurer to ensure that sound financial controls are in place and that funds are spent wisely to preserve the organization’s financial wellbeing. Oversee human resources, legal, and auditing functions. 
  • QUALITY IMPROVEMENT – Assess and evaluate the organizational structure, staff, and functions. Define organizational and staff goals and performance expectations, providing guidance and conducting regular performance evaluations. Make changes where necessary to make programs and operations more effective. Measure efficacy of service delivery with clear metrics. Implement strategies for promoting continuous programmatic improvement as the city’s landscape and participant needs continue to evolve. 
  • STRATEGIC ALLIANCES – Build upon existing partnerships and seek new strategic alliances to advance Coro’s mission and work. Actively develop and support cross-sector programming initiatives and understanding, including but not limited to business, government, nonprofit, labor, media, real estate, and philanthropy.


  • Possess a deep commitment to civic engagement, leadership, and New York City. 
  •  Thrive in the role as the builder of a highly skilled and powerful Coro leadership network to strengthen the city.
  • Have a successful record of proven leadership, managerial, problem-solving, and strategic-planning capabilities and commensurate fiscal acumen as an executive in a growth-oriented complex nonprofit organization, government agency, or business with multifaceted programs.
  • Have an exemplary reputation with stature and credibility in a relevant field of leadership training.
  • Be inclusive and a consensus builder, willing and able to make tough decisions when necessary.
  • Possess deep emotional intelligence and political sophistication to deal effectively with multiple constituencies and complex relationships across differing constituencies and sectors.
  • Lead by example, bringing out the best in others.
  • Prioritize equity internally and externally, listen with understanding, and treat everyone with respect. Be available and approachable.
  • Have the creativity to break free from established structures and try new approaches to solving problems. Have a belief that anything is possible and the ability to get it done.
  • Capitalize on social media and other forms of technological strategies to strengthen Coro’s profile and influence.
  • Operate with an unwavering work ethic, commitment to excellence, sense of purpose, and a keen sense of humor. 

Coro New York is an equal opportunity employer. Coro recruits, employs, trains, compensates, and promotes regardless of race, religion, color, national origin, sex, disability, age, veteran status, and other protected status as required by applicable law. Diversity is more than a commitment at Coro – it is the foundation of the leadership development work we do. 

Salary will be negotiable commensurate with experience. Coro believes in a healthy workplace and offers benefits such as medical/dental/vision, ample paid time off, parental leave, and flexible office hours. Note that the Coro team has committed to working remotely until at least April 1, 2021 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, and all programming is being conducted virtually.

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