Our Theory of Change was developed to guide our programs towards our mission of building the leadership community of New York City.

Coro New York Leadership Center provides leadership training programs so that participants:

  • Become better leaders and recognize the potential of their program cohorts.
  • Develop a broader understanding of public issues and policies.
  • Expand their self-awareness, as individuals and members of a group.
  • Engage actively and effectively in public issues and civic life.
  • Take on multiple perspectives.
  • Understand how power and privilege affect public policy and society.
  • Connect to Coro’s diverse, engaged, and influential community.

So that alumni:

  • Exercise leadership regardless of position or role.
  • Develop innovative and effective solutions to public issues.
  • Influence and inspire others to effect change in society.
  • Incorporate different points of view and voices in their decision-making.
  • Collaborate with the Coro community and across sectors and boundaries.
  • Uphold a lifelong commitment to making the city great.

So that:

  • Public processes and institutions will be more responsive and accountable to the individuals and communities that comprise them.
  • Communities, institutions, and society as a whole benefit from diverse, informed public engagement.
  • Power, decision-making, and resources will be shared with a broader set of stakeholders.

So that:

  • All individuals, communities, and institutions participate in creating an equitable, just, and engaged society.