Coro training taught me how to influence meaningful change and address complex challenges in New York City.

imageMany of the Coro concepts you learned in your program year are not one-time takeaways, they require practice to master.

PractiCoro: Privately Owned Public Spaces

The 1961 Zoning Resolution inaugurated the incentive zoning program in New York City. The program encouraged private developers to provide spaces for the public within or outside their buildings by allowing them greater density in certain high-density districts. Since its inception, the program has produced more than 3.5 million square feet of public space in exchange for additional building area or other considerations such as relief from certain height and setback restrictions.

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PractiCoro: Turtlewise

Exercise: Kevin Walker, alum of LNY8, has launched a website called Turtlewise, an online social advice site where users can help each other with life’s more meaningful decisions. It is designed to provide a confidential, credible, rewarding and fun environment for users to enjoy “better lives” through better decisions.

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PractiCoro: PolicyAtlas

Exercise: In working to solve problems in your communities, have you ever wished that you had access to a catalog of ideas that other communities had tried to address the same issues?

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PractiCoro: Mapping Manhattan

Maps are more about their makers than the places they describe. Participate in the Mapping Manhattan project (“map your memories”). Map who you are. Map where you are. Fill the map with a story or paint your favorite cup of coffee. Map the invisible. Map the obvious. Map your memories. Even if you don’t live or work in Manhattan, the island is a central figure of our geography.

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PractiCoro: Networking

One of the Coro premises is that change happens in groups, and that means that who you hold in your networking circle matters. The people you spend the most time and energy with shape your perspective as much as you shape theirs.

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