At Coro, the learning doesn’t stop when your program ends. Alumni enjoy a host of exclusive benefits: a powerful network, continuous support for tackling professional challenges, and ongoing opportunities for professional development.


Here’s how you can stay involved in the Coro Alumni community:

Build a robust professional network.

  • Access exclusive job, event and volunteer postings through our member-only site and bi-monthly newsletter, Coro Classifieds.
  • Attend monthly Coro alumni events.
  • Share resources, ideas, connections, and questions with the alumni community.

Engage with current program participants.

  • Serve as an advisor or interviewee for a Logic Study or Issue Day.
  • Mentor and advise a Neighborhood Leadership or Immigrant Civic Leadership program participant for their Community Change Project.
  • Host a Coro Fellow during his or her sector placement
  • Host a high school student from one of our youth programs over the summer to help him or her learn about your organization and sector.
  • Be a Selection Day Judge for the next class of Coro Fellows.

Give back to Coro in a personally meaningful way.

  • Provide financial support so that others can participate in Coro’s programs.
  • Host an event, “behind the scenes” tour, or discussion to share your expertise or engage other alumni on civic issues.
  • Celebrate Coro’s impact on New York City by attending the annual Coro Awards Gala. Help make the night a fundraising success by securing support from your personal, professional, and Coro networks.


Questions about the above? Not sure how to get connected? Send an email to Elizabeth Maguire, Development & Communications Manager at