“My background is in business, I have an MBA, and I have ways to network and interact with a business-focused community, but I was really interested in identifying with a broader set of folks that were in it for the same thing: a love and passion for creating change here in New York and doing it from different perspectives.” Melissa Burch (LNY18) Executive General Manager, Lend Lease

“I constantly think about lessons learned: How power and privilege play out in our daily interactions, asking the right questions, and the amazing network we joined. I look at the strong alumni community and feel a sense of pride that I’m part of this network.” Gregg Bishop (LNY21) Commissioner, NYC Department of Small Business Services

“My biggest takeaway from Coro training was understanding how connected we all are and the development of anything great and strong is contingent on the relationships you develop. And it requires connecting the dots with a lot of sectors and different folks whether they are in government or business. That kind of deep abiding respect that Coro helped instill in everybody made me realize everyone has something to contribute.” Majora Carter (LNY11), Founder, StartUp Box


A cohort from Coro New York Leadership Center's Leadership New York program visits DUMBO Business Improvement District Wednesday, March 6, 2013. The cohort discussed two collaborative pieces commissioned by the NYCDOT UrbanART program PARTners: Ground Mural, "PST" by David Ellis (Pearl Street Triangle) and "Intersection", by Heidi Garay, Mikell Fine Isles and Sam Vernon (Front Street and Adams Street). CREDIT: Kate Lord

Working within an unparalleled network of engaged civic leaders, Leadership New York (LNY) participants develop the skills to get things done in a complex, multi-stakeholder environment. LNY presents participants—professionals who are deeply immersed in the city’s social, political, and economic issues—with challenges designed to push them to explore all aspects of an issue and navigate varying stakeholder interests. The program uses intellectual resilience and inquiry-based leadership training methods practiced by business executives and leading nonprofits.

Leadership New York meets September through May and requires a significant time commitment both on weekdays and weekends. Sessions include:


  • A half-day Orientation
  • A 3-day overnight Opening Retreat located outside the City
  • Personal Reflection Leadership Retreats (3 on a Saturday, 1 on a Wednesday)
  • Networking Events (“Coronect”, Fellows Selection Day, and our annual Gala)
  • 7 Issue Days, public policy explorations of current, hot-button topics, selected and organized by small teams of participants to educate the entire cohort. Issue Days are held on Wednesdays.
  • Proposal, Design, and Debrief meetings (each 3 hours long) with Program Director for each team organizing an Issue Day. In addition, teams generally hold weekly planning meetings in the months leading up to the event.
  • Weekly optional civic engagement and personal reflection activities
  • Graduation & Celebration
THE NETWORK: LNY connects participants to an accomplished community of Coro alumni, city leaders, and the broader Coro community from all industries and sectors.

  • During the program, participants develop close ties their cohorts through intensive training and peer consulting. Many alumni stay connected long after the program ends.
  • Participants gain access to an alumni network of the most diverse leadership communities in New York. Council Members and neighborhood activists; company heads and social entrepreneurs—more than 2,500 New Yorkers who know how the city functions and why their contributions and collaborations are essential for its progress.

THE KNOWLEDGE: LNY participants analyze the current, controversial public policy issues facing New York City.

  • Participants meet and interview a range of stakeholders—from CEOs to Commissioners to community advocates—to truly understand how and policy decisions are made.
  • Participants leave with a deeper understanding of issues and interests than one gains from simply reading the newspaper.

THE SKILLS: LNY uses the New York City as a lab to explore, test, and build effective leadership skills suitable to changing environments.

  • Participants develop their inquiry skills, learning how to ask specific questions, acquire clear data, notice when beliefs shape perceptions of reality, and value and incorporate multiple perspectives.
  • During the program, participants learn the landscape of NYC’s government structure and raise their personal political awareness, identifying formal and informal leadership opportunities, recognizing how power and privilege influence public debate, and creating stakeholder maps that inform public policy decision-making.
  • By learning how to give and receive feedback, take risks, set a common agenda, and have courageous conversations, LNY graduates gain a deep understanding of how to lead a group with a diverse set of interests in their own organization or in the public sphere.

We select 52 successful professionals to participate each year. Selected participants reflect the demographics of New York City and come from the private, public, and nonprofit sectors. Applicants should be prepared for an immersive, group-structured experience in personal reflection for leadership growth and public policy exploration. Candidate requirements:

  • Live or work in New York City
  • At least 7 years of professional work experience
  • Must be employed at the time of application
  • Passion for developing new leadership skills germane to problem-solving in New York
  • Demonstrated interest in civic engagement
  • Demonstrated interest in personal reflection and group process
There is a $100 non-refundable application fee. Tuition is $5,500 (including a $150 materials fee) for approximately 175 hours of leadership development training, individual and small group coaching, travel, lodging, and meals at the opening retreat, and access to Coro alumni and cross-program events. Payment in full (or agreement with Coro on a specific payment plan) is required before the start of the program. Participants are encouraged to seek their employer’s or other sponsor’s support for the program. Limited scholarships are available.

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