Leadership New York

Celebrating 30 years of leadership development!

Working within an unparalleled network of engaged civic leaders, Leadership New York (LNY) participants develop the skills to get things done in a complex, multi-stakeholder environment. For over 30 years, LNY presents participants—professionals who are deeply immersed in the city’s social, political, and economic issues—with challenges designed to push them to explore all aspects of an issue and navigate varying stakeholder interests.

The program uses intellectual resilience and inquiry-based leadership training methods practiced by business executives and leading nonprofits.

My biggest takeaway from Coro training was understanding how connected we all are and the development of anything great and strong is contingent on the relationships you develop. And it requires connecting the dots with a lot of sectors and different folks whether they are in government or business. That kind of deep abiding respect that Coro helped instill in everybody made me realize everyone has something to contribute.

Majora Carter (LNY 11)

Founder, StartUp Box

What will you get?

LNY trains participants to read the nuances within current challenges facing the City to go beyond the spin, recognize how power and privilege influence public debate to raise awareness and increase capacity for action, and understand the landscape of NYC government structure to know how to get things done.

Participants are challenged to ask specific questions to make informed decisions, pace the connection between observation and interpretation to understand what is going on, and maintain personal ecology to maximize potential.

LNY effectively connects participants with an accomplished community of City leaders by practicing how to articulate and flex communication style to build leadership capacity, exchange feedback with peers to expand self-awareness and skillfully manage courageous conversations, and value and incorporate multiple perspectives to go beyond one’s own knowledge base.

Who should apply?

Leadership New York brings private, public and nonprofit participants together because we believe it will take collaboration across sectors to resolve the City’s deepest challenges. We are seeking to build a highly talented, multi-diverse, cross-sector cohort of approximately 50 professionals who are interested in expanding their leadership capacity. All will be committed civic engagement and eager to participate in a learning community.

The ideal candidate:

  • Lives or works in New York City
  • Has a thirst for personal and professional development
  • Can demonstrate commitment to strengthening our City
  • Must be employed at the start of the program

The curricula is most appropriate for professionals in a multi-stakeholder, senior leadership role who are leading change on behalf of their organizations. We are committed to building cohorts that reflect the demographics of New York City and in strengthening traditionally underrepresented groups in leadership roles.

Key Program Features

Our experiential, cohort-based training method explores a variety of leadership styles and a deepening of one’s own that creates appreciation for alternative perspectives and provides new tools for leading a diverse group through change.

Participants are exposed to a range of high-level decision-makers and influential stakeholders—from CEOs to Commissioners to community advocates—through cohort-planned “Issue Days” to understand how policy decisions are really made and why.

Participants from all programs have a shared approach and connections for changemaking with a vast alumni network of the most diverse leadership communities in New York City, providing collaboration opportunities across the public, private, and nonprofit sectors.

LNY offers something you can’t find in any other program: it delivers a unique, civic style of leadership training built on understanding complexity, listening to multiple perspectives and leading change. Participants leave with a deeper understanding of issues than are learned from simply reading the newspaper.

Benefits extend beyond the program: free and low-cost ongoing alumni offerings include skills refreshers, insider events, networking events, coaching sessions with program directors and access to the “Coro Classifieds” jobs board.


Tuition for the program is $6,000 for 175+ hours of rigorous leadership development training, individual and small group coaching, lodging and meals at the Opening Retreat, catering on retreat days and access to Coro alumni and cross-program events.

Candidates are encouraged to seek their employer’s or another sponsor’s support.  

Scholarships and payment plans are available, with special consideration for applicants paying out of pocket and with highest need relative to the request pool. We are committed to building cohorts that reflect the demographics of New York City and in strengthening traditionally underrepresented groups in leadership roles.  

Do not let financial concerns prevent you from applying; we are actively seeking a cohort of multiple perspectives and will work with you.

Sessions Overview
  • Orientation and Alumni Welcome Reception
  • 3-day overnight Opening Retreat located in Glen Cove, Long Island
  • Cross-Program and Community Networking Events
  • Free ticket to our annual gala
  • Issue Days: public policy explorations of current, hot-button topics, selected and organized by small teams of participants to educate the entire cohort
  • Peer Consulting Circles to work on real-time leadership challenges
  • Personal Reflection Leadership Retreats
  • Coaching in small groups to identify areas for growth and expand capacity
  • Weekly civic engagement and personal reflection activities
  • Graduation & Celebration
My background is in business, I have an MBA, and I have ways to network and interact with a business-focused community, but I was really interested in identifying with a broader set of folks that were in it for the same thing: a love and passion for creating change here in New York and doing it from different perspectives. Melissa Burch (LNY 18)

Executive General Manager, Lend Lease