“My experience as a Youth Council Member has made me realize how much power the youth in our community possess. As a young adult, I am passionate to see change implemented in my community. The Summer Intensive Phase of the NYCYC exposed me to a group of young minds who are as passionate about change as I am. My fellow youth council members and the various esteemed guests that visited us enlightened me on the problems we each share and how we can be catalysts for success in each of our districts.”

Melissa Queliz, District 39, New York City Youth Council Member

“My experience as a Youth Council Member has been transformative and enlightening. I know more about myself and the knowledge needed to work with others. Throughout our training sessions, my fellow Youth Council Members and I developed our leadership skills and learned a variety of tools that will help us interact with our constituencies. We learned more about policy, interview skills, creating effective questions, leadership styles, and the structure of city government.”

Jocelyn Dicent District 32, New York City Youth Council Member

“My experience as a Youth Council Member has been really eye-opening and has given me a whole new perspective. Our group learned about many life-changing tools such as step-up, step-back, which means knowing when to speak up and when to let others speak. The most impactful part of my experience this summer was working in teams because I understood that nothing can be achieved without teamwork and partnership.”

Ishaan Madan, District 26 New York City Youth Council Member

2015_Coro_Youth_City_CounciNEW YORK CITY YOUTH COUNCIL

The New York City Youth Council (NYCYC) is a partnership between the New York City Council and Coro New York Leadership Center to enhance youth-adult partnerships and elevate youth voice in decision-making related to policy and practice. NYCYC prepares a diverse group of young people to serve as a vital advisory resource to elevate youth voice in decision making around policy and practice throughout the city.


The 10-month program builds participants’ capacity for individual and collaborative leadership. Youth Council Members also learn about the structure and function of NYC government, specifically City Council and how policies are made and implemented. Most importantly, NYCYC involves young people as valued and active participants working side by side with their adult Council Members and within their district to bring participatory youth voice to policy and practice.


NYC Youth Council participants develop their leadership skills and gain a deeper understanding of policy to help their Council Members address the most pressing issues affecting young people.

THE NETWORK NYCYC connects youth participants to an accomplished community of Coro alumni from all industries and sectors, who are dedicated to supporting one another and to improving the City in which we live and work.  

THE KNOWLEDGE NYCYC participants learn about current youth policy challenges, develop leadership skills in order to affect change in the city and use those new skills and knowledge to advise Council Members.

THE SKILLS Coro’s leadership training curriculum offers youth council members the tools to develop their leadership skills, personal development, group skills and policy understanding to help city officials address the most pressing issues affecting young people.


The NYCYC will mirror the New York City Council by recruiting, competitively selecting, and training 51 Youth Council Members (current high school sophomores, juniors, and seniors) to represent the 51 districts throughout all five boroughs. Applicants should demonstrate:

  • A commitment to civic engagement and active participation in school and/or community leadership activities
  • A willingness to engage others in the community in their work through focus groups, surveys, and/or public hearings
  • Basic leadership skills including effective written and verbal communications, teamwork, critical thinking, problem-solving, decision-making, and creativity.

Youth Council Members must commit to the following:

  1. A 3 week summer institute in August ($300 stipend to be provided)
  2. Starting in September, two NYCYC meetings per month after school (every other week) and one Saturday retreat per month (or non-instructional day according to the DOE calendar) and concluding in June ($600 stipend to be provided)
  3. Participation in one-on-one meetings with their respective New York City Council member (approx. 2-4)
  4. Engagement with New York City Council committees via committee meetings and special events.

To apply to the New York City Youth Council, you must be nominated by your district Council Member and be entering 10th, 11th, or 12th grade in Fall 2016.

Program Fees are waived due to the generous support of the New York City Council.

Apply Today

Applications for New York City Youth Council are currently closed.


View the program brochure or download to pass on to a friend.


Meet Youth Council Members Frank and Nyela with their City Council partners.


Please contact Chris Neal, Senior Director, Youth Programs and Initiatives, at cneal@coronewyork.org or 212-248-2935 ext. 321


The New York City Youth Council is made possible through partnerships with the New York City Council and Baruch College School of Public Affairs, offering the Bachelor of Science in Public Affairs program. city councilbaruch