We are excited to introduce the next Leadership New York (LNY) cohort! These participants will explore the social, political, and economic issues facing New York City today and learn how to navigate varying stakeholder interests. By the end of the program, participants will develop the personal leadership skills, NYC knowledge and multi-sector network to accomplish goals in a complex, multi-stakeholder environment.

Cohort 31

Aaron K. Ampaw

VP, Bank of America Public Capital Corporation

Passionate about energy, transportation, smarter cities, and sustainability.

Adaryll Taylor

Chief of Staff & Administration, NYC DOT

Passionate about NYC having diverse and strong communities, quality jobs, retain and attract new residents to live, work and recreate.

Alison N. Landry

Executive Director, Design Build, NYC Department of Design and Construction

Passionate about the design & construction of public spaces that make NYC a more equitable, resilient, and dynamic city.

Amanda Phi

Women's Health Specialist, Bureau of HIV, NYC DOHMH

Passionate about ensuring the women and girls of NYC are able to live full, healthy lives, through a social justice and health equity lens.

Amy Chen

Director of Business Operations and Compliance, ACLU

Passionate about helping the government operate more strategically and effectively for all people.

Ana Tiburcio

Dir., Bank Street College's Liberty LEADS Program

Passionate about providing access to resources to our city's under-served children and their families.

Andy McClintock

Dir. of Enrollment Research & Policy, NYC DOE

Passionate about advancing equity for all students in NYC schools.

Anna Blackwood

Dir. of Contract & Compliance, NYC HRA

Passionate about uncovering systemic barriers that hinder black women's growth in government.

Ashley Patterson

Account Supervisor, Edelman

Passionate about health literacy and access to affordable healthcare.

Chloe Gutelle

Dir. of Operations, Office of Financial Empowerment, DCA

Passionate about finding innovative solutions to the problems faced by cities, particularly in housing and urban development.

Daphne Rubin-Vega

Assistant General Counsel, NYC DCP

Passionate about promoting public-private partnerships as viable mechanisms to pursue equity.

Darren Scarimbolo

Department Manager, Con Edison of New York

Passionate about the current effort to obtain a green energy future.

David Stallings

Director of Arts + Culture, 14th Street Y

Passionate about LGBTQ rights and committed to art as a force for social action & change.

Deshaun Mars

Director, Business Outreach, NYC SBS

Passionate about expanding educational and economic opportunities for underserved communities.

Dylan Salmons

Regional Vice President, Pennrose, LLC

Passionate about broadening housing equity for all.

Elizabeth Reina

Dir. of Mktg. & Comm., Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Passionate about equitable access to and participation in NYC's cultural offerings.

Elsa Pereira

Managing Dir. of Operations, Grand Street Settlement

Passionate about green spaces and affordable housing.

Emory Lee

Senior Vice President, Insight Civil

Passionate about Closing the gap between the natural environment and the urban realm through biophilic urban planning.

Helen Scalise

Director, Capacity Building, NYC DOE

Passionate about fostering collaboration among community stakeholders & philanthropists to better the lives of vulnerable New Yorkers.

Jeff Garofano

Associate Lead Analyst, Moody's Investors Service

Passionate about extending educational and economic opportunity to everyone regardless of their station in life.

Jessica Mathew

Chief of Staff to the First Deputy Comm'r, NYC DDC

Passionate about advancing equitable and forward-looking capital planning and delivery in New York City.

John Martin

Public Information Officer, U.S. Department of Justice

Passionate about addressing social, political and economic inequality.

Kate Fillin-Yeh

Strategy Director, NACTO

Passionate about making NYC safer, more sustainable, equitable, and vibrant through better street design and transportation policy.

Katie Lyon

Business Sector Innovation Specialist, CUNY

Passionate about equitable economic development which allows all New Yorkers to benefit from economic growth.

Kristina Pecorelli

Director, HR&A Advisors

Passionate about building a more inclusive and vibrant local economy and built environment.

Lindsay Harwood

Vice President, Capalino+Company

Passionate about making NYC a better place to live, work and play.

Meryl Friedman

Art Director, Brooklyn Public Library

Passionate about NYC sustainability initiatives, from neighborhood composting to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Michelle Anand

Assistant Vice President, Healthcare Initiatives, NYCEDC

Passionate about ways to make NYC a more vibrant and socially just place to live.

Michelle Grier

Dir. of Social Work, Girls for Gender Equity

Passionate about creating resources & inclusive spaces to promote the prosperity of cis/trans girls of color & nonbinary youth of color.

Mike Fieni

Dir. of Comm. Engagement, Brooklyn Public Library

Passionate about the City's commitment to increase civic participation and the role libraries will play.

Mitch Mattson

Dir. of Career Trng, Roundabout Theatre Comp.

Passionate about building and reinforcing workforce support-structures for young adults in NYC.

Moe Magali

Sr. Mgr. & Head of Business Dev., Public Works Partners

Passionate about the intersection of youth development, environment, and sports.

Nicole Johnston

Deputy Director of Friendly Towns, The Fresh Air Fund

Passionate about creating and expanding opportunities for children from NYC both in and out of school.

Ray Medina

Asst. Dir. of Programs, M/WBE

Passionate about promoting economic democracy, fairness, and equity for underrepresented populations in both the public and private sectors.

Renata Silberblatt

Planning Director, Gemini Arts Initiative

Passionate about vibrant communities, with a focus on environmental issues, public transportation, and cultural assets for all NYers.

Rodney Santiago

CPO / Dir. of Lending, BOCNET / BOC Capital Corp.

Passionate about the economic development of immigrant and minority communities through small business development and entrepreneurship.

Sam Chapin

Director, L&M Development Partners Inc.

Passionate about providing quality and affordable housing resources for NYC.

Stephanie Miliano

Chief of Staff, Stu Loeser & Co.

Passionate about empowering women, whether it’s keeping them out of prison, providing job opportunities, or help them secure stable housing.

Tyler Green

Senior Engineering Manager, Vise

Passionate about making transportation in NYC equitable, efficient, and world-class.

Valone Brown Jr.

Dir. of the Learning to Work Program, St. Nicks Alliance

Passionate about policy and government as well as dedicated to education and youth development.

Whitley Richards

Nonprofit Governance Consultant, Cause Strategy Partners

Passionate about empowering our youth to maintain their mental health.

Zach Hecht

Senior Policy Manager, DoubleVerify

Passionate about making sure the NY government uses tech intelligently and regulates tech intelligently.

Cohort 32

Allison Ruddock

Environmental Services Leader-NYC, VHB

Passionate about balancing development with environmental responsibility.

Ashley Becker

Senior Manager, EY

Passionate about learning more about the NYC Education system and how the community ecosystem can be better supported and improved.

Azikiwe Rich

Director of Performance Management, NYC DOT

Passionate about promoting equity and inclusion, in both services provided and employment opportunities.

Beth Newborn

Deputy Director, Brooklyn Bridge Park Conservancy, Inc.

Passionate about our parks and open spaces and connecting all New Yorkers to nature.

Bharati S. Kemraj

Senior Associate, Patrick B. Jenkins & Associates

Passionate about educating individuals and improving everyday life by connecting resources to those in need.

Brandie Moreno

Mortgage Officer, Comm. Preservation Corp.

Passionate about affordable housing and income equity.

Brian Schwagerl

Clinical Asst. Prof. of Real Estate, NYU School of Professional Services

Passionate about real estate development.

Bryan J. Johnson

Manager, Accessible Media, CBS Corporation

Passionate about ending police brutality and injustices.

Cara Eckholm

Associate Dir., Development, Sidewalk Labs

Passionate about leveraging technology to improve the urban built environment.

Carol Tan

Asst. Vice President, Strategy, NYCEDC

Passionate about augmenting economic development with social policy to ensure that good jobs are accessible to all New Yorkers.

Charlie Samboy

VP-Gov. & Community Relations, NYCEDC

Passionate about making NYC government more responsive to community needs.

Craig DiFolco

Comms. Dir., The Council of School Supervisors and Administrators

Passionate about strengthening the narrative surrounding NYC public schools.

Cristina Yoder

Senior Project Manager, Strategy, NYCEDC

Passionate about creating opportunities for equitable economic development by strengthening and scaling NYC's small businesses.

Crystal Cotton

Dir. of Human Resources and Administration, NYC CJA

Passionate about using professional development and education as a catalyst for economic independence and self-sufficiency for women.

Cynthia Brackett

Sr. Dir., Vocational Services, Center for Employment Opportunities

Passionate about leveling the field for justice-involved individuals & provide them with a path to economic advancement and stability.

Emily Bang

Dir., Capacity Building Programs, NYC SBS

Passionate about inclusive and innovative approaches to growing NYC neighborhoods.

Emily Ching

Assistant District Attorney, Manhattan DA's Office

Passionate about exploring the many ways that everyday living in our City can be improved.

Eric R. Haren

Special Counsel to the Solicitor General, NY State Office of the Attorney General

Passionate about learning about the development of public policy in New York.

Erycka Montoya

Community Advocate, The Movement Cooperative

Passionate about advocating the disrupting and dismantling of the systems that were not built for all of us via civic engagement.

Hetal Jani

Executive Director, SPEAK Mentorship

Passionate about improving immigrant youths' access to opportunities and working towards a more diverse and equitable workforce.

Ian Holmes

Associate, Lendlease

Passionate about the impact of micro-mobility and solving NYC's affordable housing crisis.

Jenny Boyd

Sr. Director, Talent, Leadership for Educational Equity

Passionate about improving educational outcomes for all and then creating equity in workspaces.

Jessica Sherman

Associate Vice President, Douglaston Development

Passionate about large scale mixed-income housing development.

Jessica Simonson

Dir., School Support, NYC DOE, Office of Community Schools

Passionate about racial and gender equity, specifically in the educational sphere.

Jonelli Borden

Dir. of Human Resources, Center for Court Innovation

Passionate about supporting equitable education/ learning resources for NYC children.

Josh Landay

Chief Operating Officer, Building for the Arts

Passionate about making performing arts more affordable and accessible to artists and audiences alike.

Kelly Verel

Senior Director of Programs and Projects, Project for Public Spaces

Passionate about creating and sustaining public spaces, such as public markets, that provide economic opportunities for all New Yorkers.

Latressa Fulton

Sr. Advisor to the First Deputy Comm'r, NYC DOITT

Passionate about bringing access and equity in healthcare for communities.

Leah Flax

Gov. Relations Specialist, MTA NYC Transit

Passionate about making public transportation improvements happen so that New Yorkers have greater access to opportunities.

Lucia Modesto

Partnerships Manager, Donors Choose

Passionate about educating the youth so they can advance the economic mobility of vulnerable communities, & protect our planet & resources.

Malcolm Cain Jr.

Director, Taxi and Limousine Commission

Passionate about equitable transportation in the City of New York, especially for people of color.

Maria Marcantonio

Chief of Staff, YMCA of Greater New York

Passionate about strengthening NYC's civic spaces and cultivating engaged and informed New Yorkers.

Marissa Mack

Commercial Banking, AVP, Sterling National Bank

Passionate about continuously seeking intersectionalities between underserved communities and sustainable resources.

Mary Kalemkerian

Human Rights Officer, UN Office of the High Comm'r for Human Rights

Passionate about making city practices, policies, and regulations equitable for women and girls.

Max Zarin

Project Manager, The Hudson Companies Inc.

Passionate about creating equitable and vibrant urban places.

Meghan Harkins

Director of The Bronx Plan, NYC DOE

Passionate about access to equitable educational opportunities for all NYC students.

Michael Brunwasser

Solutions Consultant, SeamlessDocs

Passionate about bringing mindfulness to New Yorkers from an early age.

Michelle Bernabe

Mental Health Innovation Lead, Brooklyn Minds

Passionate about mental health, healthcare, and prison reform.

Neelima Panoli

Sr. Project Manager, Denham Wolf

Passionate about enhancing the role of design & development in advancing social justice in our city.

Pam Rodrigues

Global Program Manager, AIG

Passionate about quality education for all.

Pete Bakarich

Vice President, AKRF, Inc.

Passionate about making NYC's infrastructure (Transit, sidewalks, etc.) accessible to everyone.

Randall Powell

CEO, Infinite Horizons

Passionate about education young minorities in business and entrepreneurship.

Rodrigo Bautista

Principal, Forum for the Future

Passionate about cultivating design and technology to increase participation for people to shape a regenerative NYC.

Ruchika Modi

Associate Partner | Studio Dir., PAU

Passionate about designing lasting architecture and humanist urbanism to advance the city of the future.

Stephanie Jean

Deputy Commissioner, NYC DSS

Passionate about looking at the connection between gentrification & homelessness, and ways to create affordable housing in NYC.

Tate Hausman

Project Director, Mayor's Office of CRJ

Passionate about less crime & safer streets in NYC through criminal justice reform.

Tatiana Terzuoli

Dir. of Fund Dev. and Comms., YMCA of Greater New York