Apply to Leadership New York!

Leadership New York is a 9-month leadership program which hones the skills needed to get things done in a complex, multi-stakeholder environment. They provide participants with the knowledge of how NYC functions across the public, private and non-profit sectors...

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Applications Open: Coro Fellowship

Applications for the Coro Fellowship are open! As a Fellow, you will work in real-life scenarios, expose yourself to multiple industries, and gain access to a network that will help you drive positive change! The deadline to apply for the 2019-2010 cohort is January...

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Sustainable Strategies Working Advisory Group (SSWAG)

In September 2015, with the generous support of the W. Clement & Jessie V. Stone Foundation, the Center for Court Innovation (the Center) and Coro New York Leadership Center hosted Sustainable Strategies, a one-day summit for facilitators and conveners of youth advisory boards in New York City.

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Civic Changemakers: Civic Network Fair

Civic Change Project: anything you are doing or an idea you have that will improve more than just your own life. It could be for your block, your community, or the whole city!

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Infrastructure Event: Link Explained

Join the Coro Infrastructure Group to hear Jen Hensley, General Manager of Link speak about an innovative public-private partnership which is changing the way people interact with the City. Above and beyond the technology, this project represents an enviable trifecta of providing services for residents and visitors, costing nothing to the municipality to install, operate or maintain, and generating a projected $500 million of revenue for New York City.

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Networking for Impact

This first-time gathering will join adult and youth alumni to explore the all-important skill of networking to better engage with the amazing resource that is the Coro alumni community.   Through interactive activities and discussions, we will learn effective...

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