At Coro Partners, we help you fulfill your vision for change and support you as you build a better workplace and a better world.

Through leadership development training and program design consulting, we partner with you to build purpose-driven teams and programs. From executives and entrepreneurs to elected officials, activists and educators, Coro helps leaders across industries shape organizational culture and address shared challenges. Through Coro training, individuals and teams build their ability to thrive in complex settings, increase personal and interpersonal effectiveness, and exercise leadership with greater impact and skill. Through program design consulting, we partner with you to build or refine your leadership development program.


Coro Partners works with public, private and nonprofit organizations who want to further develop their leadership practices and gain the skills and awareness to effect purposeful change in their workplaces and communities.

For thirty-five years, Coro New York Leadership Center has supported change-makers through transformative and immersive leadership training experiences. Through Coro Partners, we bring our expertise in experiential leadership development and program design experience to you. To that end, our offerings include:

  • Leadership Development Training: Through customized and experiential leadership programs, we help individuals and teams learn to collaborate and communicate across differences more effectively, build and shift culture and community, and lead purposeful change in their institutions and communities.  

  • Program Design Consulting: We work with clients who want to design and launch a new leadership development program or refine an existing one. Our consultants partner with you to help you clarify your program’s purpose, outcomes, design, and process. Through sharing best practices and helping you access your best thinking, Coro consultants work with you to build an impactful sustainable program that is aligned with your mission and goals. 


Coro Partners designed a unique two-day retreat that empowered our junior partners and gave them a feeling of connectedness. One of the reasons it worked is that Coro Partners did an incredible job in advance, getting to know our firm and tailoring the experience to our culture.

Ken Young

Partner, Dechert LLP


At Coro Partners, our work offers groups a common language and a powerful set of tools to get things done on behalf of the institutions and communities they serve. Coro New York Leadership Center, which houses Coro Partners, has been doing this through its leadership programs since 1984. Our 2,500 program alumni hold positions of influence across a wide variety of fields and sectors. From executives, entrepreneurs and elected officials to policy-makers, educators and activists, those who have worked with Coro will tell you that the experience benefited their organizations and transformed their practice of leadership. Now, through Coro Partners, we’re able to bring these powerful tools and experiences to you.


Coro Partners has worked with hundreds of participants in organizations around New York and across the country. Our clients have included:


To learn more about our practice and to explore whether working with Coro Partners might be a fit for your organization, please reach out to us at partners@coro.nyc.