Coro is New York City’s premier civic leadership training program.

We are a community of 2,400 alumni across business, government, schools, and non-profits.

Coro participants and alumni have the tools to shape our city's future.

Participants use the city as a classroom to learn how New York City works.

Coro trains youth and their adult partners to bring youth voice into policy-making.


For students and executives, activists and entrepreneurs who want to learn how New York City works so that they can make it better, Coro New York is the premier leadership training organization that delivers the skills, knowledge, and network to lead change. Participants become leaders and influencers, developing innovative solutions to public issues, incorporating different points of view in their decision-making, and inspiring others to lead change.

Would you like to support the incoming Fellows class?

Consider being a Placement Host. By hosting a Fellow, you provide a critical opportunity for an emerging young leader to gain insight into your organization’s work and sector, as well as hands-on learning from a project that will add value to your organization.

Student Voices: The NYU Research Alliance’s Collaboration with Coro YLA

Over the past year, students in our Youth Leadership Academy program and researchers at New York University have worked together to collect feedback on the annual NYC School Survey, one of the largest survey efforts in the country. Students had opportunities to study their own school’s results from the survey, to build a set of questions designed to investigate a specific topic, and to think about how and why policymakers and others use survey results to understand and explain different issues.


Coro alumni are part of a collaborative community sharing a lifelong commitment to meaningful change. Meet more of our alumni community here.


Fellows 1990 Chief Executive Officer Industry City


Fellows 2001 Assistant Professor of Political Science Fordham University


Fellows 1988 U.S. Senator Colorado


LNY18 Executive General Manager Lend Lease, Inc.