We believe that meaningful change must come from leaders in the public, private, and social sectors who not only have the conviction and ideas to improve the well-being of society but the necessary skills to navigate an increasingly complex world.


W. Donald Fletcher and Van Duyn Dodge met in 1940, while working on a political campaign in San Francisco, California. While working side by side, the two had deep discussions about the political process, specifically what they could do to improve politics and government. They believed that in order to effect change, they would need to cultivate a new generation of leaders – and they developed a vision of educational discovery that would create more citizen leaders. 

That vision led to the creation of the Coro Foundation on October 12, 1942. Over the intervening decades, Coro’s work has grown and diversified to include programs for youth, recent college graduates, and mid-career professionals. And since 1984, Coro New York has successfully put this insight into practice. We are a community of nearly 3000 graduates who, through our collaborative efforts, work to build a better society.


Through high-impact programming, we empower diverse leaders from across sectors with the tools necessary to create a more equitable, inclusive, and innovative society.


To create a diverse network of high-potential leaders prepared to drive meaningful change across various communities and sectors.