The Fellows Program
In Public Affairs

For over three decades, the Coro Fellows Program has developed aspiring change-makers through a full-time, nine month program that uses New York as its classroom. It develops participants’ self-awareness and analytical skills, exposes them to cross sector collaboration, and grants them access to high impact leaders, and provides them unparalleled relationship-building opportunities to launch their professional careers. Coro Fellows leave the program with an understanding of how New York City works and with the knowledge, skills, and networks to make not only New York better, but society on the whole.

The Coro Fellows Program in New York has four major components.

Weekly seminars build self-awareness, inquiry and critical thinking skills, introducing Fellows to the tools and frameworks needed to successfully contribute to an effective and collaborative group.
Placements allow Fellows to gain direct exposure to varied sectors and institutions in New York City and offer participants the opportunity to build robust professional networks. Each Fellow completes five placements and is responsible for delivering high-quality projects to each organization at which they work.
Interviews offer Fellows access to an influential cross-section of city leaders, helping them gain insight and diverse perspectives on leadership challenges. These closed-door sessions provide the rare opportunity to explore the motivation, method and logic of the individuals shaping our city’s future.
A few weeks of every program year are dedicated to this unique exploratory opportunity, during which Fellows investigate a specific issue or industry area. Past Focus Weeks have centered on Media, State Government, Public Finance, and Political Campaigns.



Fellows immerse themselves in an intensive exploration of current cross-sector issues,gaining first-hand insights through discussions with leaders at the forefront of social change and diving into placements that collectively become a catalyst for unparalleled career and personal growth.


Fellows learn from a diversity of opinions, styles, and world views; develop the skills to break down complex problems; and gain on-the-job experience across a variety of placements, equipping them with the tools to drive social change.


The Coro alumni community includes over 3,600 accomplished city leaders who are dedicated to improving New York City and are invested in the Fellows’ growth and leadership development. By joining and leveraging this network, many previous Fellows have built relationships that led directly to unparalleled employment opportunities.

-Diverse, talented individuals committed to generating positive change in their communities and who see themselves as future leaders of New York City.

-Individuals who have recently completed undergraduate and graduate degrees, as well as those with several years of work experience.

-Competitive applicants are those who can engage in a program that demands stamina, rigorous thinking and analysis, and a deep, self-reflective approach to learning.

  • Coro New York provides qualifying Fellows who request financial support with a monthly stipend to defray living expenses during their time in the program. Stipends are based on financial need.

By hosting a Fellow, you provide a critical opportunity for an emerging young leader to again insight into your organization’s work and sector, and contribute meaningfully to your organization through a high-impact, short-term project.

If you’d like to host a Fellow and you already have a project in mind, please complete the Placement Host Application Form here. If you’re interested in hosting but want to learn more before you sign on, please complete the Placement Host Interest Form here. A Coro staff member will be in touch to discuss this opportunity with you shortly after receiving your form submission.

Read our FAQ here, or contact Patricia S. Ureña, Program Director, at for more information.


“Everyday we are living in a city where our problems are real in size and number. Every single year the city has twelve people come together to think about how to make New York City better.”

Elizabeth De Leon Bhargava, Esq. (Fellows 2004) New York State Deputy Secretary for Labor and Workforce

Special Thanks

The Fellows Program is also supported by the generosity of our alumni donors. Special thanks to our Changemaker’s Circle: Greg Berman, Andrew Cantor, Kathy Choi, Sarah Lewis, Patrick Mispagel, David Moskovitz, Morgan Pearlman, Jeff Plaut, Sarah Williams and Andrew Kimball, Ken Young, and Michael Zezas.