Workforce Systems
Leadership Program

The Workforce development field is experiencing unprecedented change. To successfully manage change in the current environment, the field needs skillful and collaborative cross-sector leaders. Through the Workforce Systems Leadership Program (WSLP), Coro and the Workforce Professionals Training Institute (WPTI) will prepare senior leaders to use their skills, expertise, and networks to respond to the changing workforce development landscape, drive innovative practices and improve service delivery for low-income NYC residents seeking employment and career advancement opportunities.


WSLP deeply immerses participants in building individual and collaborative capacity for practicing leadership and bringing about change in their organizations and communities. 

WSLP uses the City of New York as a classroom to explore, test and build effective systems change strategies to adapt and thrive in challenging environments.

WSLP connects participants to an accomplished community of cross-sector workforce leaders and Coro alumni from all industries, who are dedicated to supporting one another and to improving the City in which we live and work.

Over the course of the program, participants develop close ties with members of their cohort through intensive training and peer consulting. Facilitated alumni activities keep graduates engaged with Coro and WPTI, their colleagues, and the skills and knowledge to continue to lead change long after graduation.

Participants are exposed to a range of stakeholders in the workforce community to explore a variety of strategies and resources they can apply to their work. They also gain an awareness of multiple perspectives and the benefits of collaboration to drive change. 

Participants leave with a deeper understanding of challenges and gaps in the workforce development system; advocacy strategies to better direct and increase investment in the field; and collaboration practices to more effectively meet the needs of low-income individuals and employers.

To ensure that the impact of the program extends beyond the training room, participants will create System Change Projects of their choosing with their cohort that focuses on collaboration, industry engagement, scale, sustainability, or policy change.

WSLP presents participants with an array of leadership development tools and challenges to push them to explore all aspects of an issue and navigate varying stakeholder interests to enhance leadership skills

We are seeking a highly talented, multi-diverse, cross-sector cohort of approximately 24 senior workforce professionals who are interested in expanding their leadership capacity. We encourage changemakers from all backgrounds to apply, including but not limited to: community-based organizations, government agencies, foundations, post-secondary and career and technical education institutions, unions, and public libraries. All will be committed to better connecting low-income job seekers to quality jobs. WSLP meets May through March.

Ideal applicants:

  • Work for a New York City organization supporting workforce development in low-to-moderate income communities.
  • Serve in a senior leadership role and are leading change on behalf of their organization around workforce development.
  • Have at least five years of experience in the field of workforce development.
  • Have a passion and curiosity about developing new leadership skills germane to problem-solving in New York City.
  • Are interested in joining the Coro community and alumni network.

Program fees are waived due to the generous support of our funders. Upon acceptance, a non-refundable $100 materials fee is required.

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