Immigrant Civic
Leadership Program

For those leading change in New York City’s immigrant communities, the Immigrant Civic Leadership Program (ICLP) provides our city’s top talent with the resources they need to understand how to influence meaningful change and address complex challenges within their work. In partnership with the New York Immigration Coalition (NYIC), Coro will provide ICLP participants with a deeper understanding of policy and decision making in the city, the skills to lead change in their organizations and communities, and a network of engaged and influential alumni to support them in reaching their goals. The NYIC supports Coro by providing direction on program planning, recruitment, and curriculum development. All participants develop a Community Change Project that will strengthen their immigrant community so that the program impact goes beyond the training room.


ICLP connects participants to an accomplished community of City leaders, NYIC members and Coro alumni from all industries and sectors, who are dedicated to supporting one another and to improving the City in which we live and work.

ICLP uses the City of New York as a classroom to explore and build effective leadership skills to adapt and thrive in challenging environments.

ICLP uses Coro’s model of inquiry-based instruction to explore strategies for leveraging resources and developing partnerships. Participants can immediately apply the knowledge gained to their work and support their Community Change Project.

Approximately 20 organizational leaders and emerging changemakers whose work is focused on strengthening NYC immigrant communities are competitively selected to participate each year.

Ideal applicants:

  • Work in New York City for an organization supporting immigrant communities.
  • Are experienced organizational leaders, management staff or emerging changemakers who are leading change on behalf of their organizations with a minimum of five years of work experience relevant to work with immigrant communities.
  • Have a vision for change and a defined Community Change Project.
  • Have a passion and curiosity about developing new leadership skills essential to problem solving in New York.
  • Are interested in actively participating in the Coro community and ICLP alumni network.


Participants explore key topics and ideas that will help them understand and navigate current issues facing immigrant communities today. Through a range of interviews and activities, participants will meet community leaders, decision makers, people of influence and other stakeholders across different sectors to gain insider knowledge, an awareness of multiple perspectives and explore the benefits of collaboration to drive change.

Participants come to the program with a planned Community Change Project that seeks to strengthen their immigrant community. Throughout the program, participants have the opportunity to refine their vision, apply their learning, share project developments, receive feedback, and share successes with the group. Sharing of each person’s project, results and lessons learned will be the focus of the April showcase session.

Participants build their individual and collaborative capacity for practicing leadership. ICLP introduces an array of leadership development tools, experiences and challenges to encourage participants to explore all aspects of an issue and to lead change. Participants will connect with purpose and enhance their vision for change, apply tools from the Adaptive Leadership framework to their work and enhance their ability to work more effectively with others in addition to other leadership tools.


Program fees are waived due to the generous support of our funders. Upon acceptance to the prograam, a non-refundable $150 materials fee is required.

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