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At Coro, the learning doesn’t stop when your program ends. Alumni enjoy a host of exclusive benefits: a powerful network, continuous support for tackling professional challenges, and ongoing opportunities for professional development.

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Build a robust professional network

Access exclusive job, event and volunteer postings through our member-only site and bi-monthly newsletter, Coro Classifieds.

Attend regular Coro alumni events.

Share resources, ideas, connections, and questions with the alumni community.

Engage with current program participants

Serve as an advisor or interviewee for a Logic Study or Issue Day.

Mentor and advise a Neighborhood Leadership or Immigrant Civic Leadership program participant for their Community Change Project.

Host a Coro Fellow during his or her sector placement

Be a Selection Day Judge for the next class of Coro Fellows.

Give back to Coro in a meaningful way.

Donate to Coro so that others can participate in Coro’s programs.

Host an event, “behind the scenes” tour, or discussion to share your expertise or engage other alumni on civic issues.

Celebrate Coro’s impact on New York City by attending the annual Coro Awards Gala.

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Coro Commons is our exclusive virtual platform for the Coro alumni community to connect and collaborate. As a lifelong member, you can search for alumni by program, sector, or areas of expertise. Engage and collaborate with your network of Coro graduates from past and present programs!

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